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Be unique and have something different for your Senior Portrait

Now is the time to think seriously about who will be taking your senior portraits.  After all, you are paying for them!  You cannot be forced to purchase your senior portraits from the official yearbook photographer.

At Theis Photography, we know that your portraits must portray you at your best and be of the finest quality.  We assure you that we will devote our combined skill and energy to provide portraits that capture the mood, feeling, and expression that only you, as an individual can convey.  Since your senior portrait is a once in a lifetime event, doesn’t it make sense to have it done by someone who really cares about you?

When you have your portrait taken by Theis Photography, you:

  • have various locations from which to choose
  • have approximately 1 hour of personal attention
  • choose from a variety of poses
  • have framing services available
  • create your own senior package
  • can reorder portraits later
  • are guaranteed satisfaction
(c) Steve Theis
  • will be supplied with a copy of head and shoulders pose of your choice for use in your yearbook at a nominal charge
  • will develop a lasting friendship with us, which will see you through many exciting moments, such as weddings, bridal portraits, and yes, even family portraits

These are the most important photographs you’ll ever have taken.  Why not call us today at (302) 629-6000 and make an appointment, or feel free to e-mail us at

(c) Steve Theis

At Theis Photography, we take moments in time and make them last  forever!

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